Masonic Family Park

Park Rules and Regulations

Members and Guests during your visit.

Registration: The Gate house is open for registration from 8am-9pm every day.

Gate Code: The Gate Code is provided for your safety and the safety of other campers.                                          

Anyone giving the gate code to any unregistered guest will be Dismissed from the park immediately, without a refund of park fees.

Guests: All Guests must have their sponsoring member in the park before entering. Guest conduct is the responsibility of the sponsor.

FIRE ARMS: The use of firearms is prohibited in the park. This includes air rifles and paint guns.

PETS: Pets must be controlled  AT ALL TIMES, even within their own campsite. Campers will receive one verbal warning from park staff of controlling animals. If seen causing a problem a second time, the animal will be invited to leave the park. Pet owners are responsible for properly disposing animal waste & cleaning up after them.

Campfires: Campfires allowed only in designated fire rings. Firewood is for sale at the gatehouse         

Wood bundles will no longer be delivered to campsites,

Please purchase your wood before you leave the gatehouse.  

Quiet Hours:  Please observe the quiet hours of 10 pm to 8 am.

Any violations should be reported to the caretakers immediately.

Fishing: Catch and release fishing is permitted in the park with a valid license.

Please read your rules and regulations before fishing.

Trash: Trash Service is available at the dumpster adjacent to the gate house.

A donation of $1 per bag to help offset the cost of this service is appreciated.

Length of Stay: No one may stay in the park longer than 14 days on any one visit.

There is a $5 per night fee for any unattended RV. RV's left unattended longer and 48 hours are subject to towing and all towing fees are the owner's responsibility.

Storage: We now provide RV Storage on site here at the park for $40 per month*

* You must sign an RV Storage Contract at the Front Gate ~ BEFORE ~ Parking your RV in the lot.

If you have a large group, and wish to attend our Beautiful Park, Please contact us for Personal Assistance

Masonic Membership MUST BE CURRENT